Exotic Aquarium Fish

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An ever expanding range of exotic aquarium fish is the corner stone of   Ausyfish. Around 20 colour forms of Swordtails and a similar number of Platies are now in production as well as a range of Mollies, Guppies, Gouramis and Danios. We also have one of the best colour forms of Rosey Barbs in Australia.

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The natural bush surroundings make it interesting for the workers as they harvest the days orders. You never know what just what might be caught in the net. In the picture right, one of the farms inhabitants is captured with a haul of golden swordtails. This fellow is a Keelback snake (Amphiesma mairii). They are totally harmless, not even having fangs. They are the only snake in Australia that is able to eat the introduced "Cane Toad". Other Australian snakes die after consuming the poisonous toads and this is despite the fact that Australia has the 10 deadliest snakes in the world. Some of the snakes that visit us can be quite large, especially the pythons. In the pictures below a large, completely harmless python is found in the engine of the old farm car.

Prices are set at 3 different levels, one third of a box, half a box & full box. Excellent prices are available to those who purchase in box lots. Price lists are available to retail aquarium shops and wholesalers. Minimum purchase is AUD$400 plus freight and packing and GST.