Bookings for these dates have been received;


September 7th to November 12th Peter Emanuel (Australia)

November 13th to November 27th Aimee Beardsmore (Australia)

November 27th to December 10th Jayde Rankin & Courtney Innes (Australia)


December 28 (2006) to January 21st Kyle (Australia)

22nd January to 18th February Luke Austin (Australia)

March 19th to July 7th Roman Delacour & Julien Maniere (France)

July 10th to September 29th Louis Esteve (France)

October 1st - 22nd  Mick Tweedie  (Australia)

October  23rd to January (2007) 14th Asier & Maria (Spain)


January 15th - 31st January Lachlan Judd (Australia)

February 1st to 21st - Anna Do & Allan Hsieh Australia  (Australia)

July  1st to   1st of August  Mark Skoroszewski (Australia)

October 14th to November 28th Koji and Natsuko (Japan)

November 27th to Dec 27th Sarah Ng (Malaysia)


November (2007) 28th - 25th April - Alin Aguilar (Mexico)

May 20th - June 6th - Behrouz Boroomand (Iran)

July 1st- 31st July Kris Bell - (Australia)

December 1st -19th December Mark Purmalis (Australia)


January 8th - February 8th  Louise Kirk & Robert Barron (Australia)

May 12th to November 30th Antoine Cavarec (France)

May 12th to November 30th Dimitri Huin (Belgium)

August 10th - August 28th Ryan L'Estrange (Australia)

December 1st - 18th Wilson Liaw (Australia)

December 1st - 18th Joe Lee (Australia)


January 11th to 7th February  Troyden Ratcliffe (Australia)

February15th  to June 15th  Kimberly Packard (Swaziland)

September 19th to September 22nd Bryce Lockett (Australia)

October 25th to December 10th  Christopher Wilson (Australia)

November 22nd to December 22nd Josh Bracken (Australia)


December 22rd to January 6th Chil Yong Tan (Australia)

January 10th to - 28th  Benjamin Punch (Australia)

January 10th to - 28th  Paul Mock (Australia)

January 29th - February 25th Matthew Hoskin (Australia)

January 30th to February 12th Gillian Lawrence (Australia)

February 14th to February 24th Gareth Welch (Australia)

March7th - 18th Lenin Raj (India)

March 12th to June 27th Michael Manca (France)

July 4th to July 18th Leana Andonopoulos (Australia)

July 4th toJuly 25th Suzanne Booker (USA)

July 25th to September 9th Alexandre Parisot (France)

September 10th  to November 4th Luke Cocks (Australia)

December 5th to December 11th Ikue Nakamura (Australia)

December 1st to December 15th Ting Yihui (Melissa) (Australia)


January 2nd to January15th Matt Samuel (Australia)

January 2nd to January15th Marianna Datsenko (Australia)

March 12th to April 20th Dan Norris (England)

April 23rd to May 7th Morissey Kul (Australia)

May 8th to August 8th Mark Kawun (Australia)

August 13th to September 23rd Laurie Dangerfield (Australia)

September 24th to September 29th Edward Moorehouse (Australia)

October 25th 2012 to March 25th 2013 Kalai Selvan (Malaysia)


June 29th to July 12th Daniela Vozner (Australia)

July 12th to September 1st Marnie Redhead (Australia)

September 1st to October 14th Lauri Hogan (Australia)

October 15th to December 20th Moris Gojanovic (Croatia) 

December 20th to January 15th Olivier Goetz (France)


January 13th to February 21st Gabriel Silva (Brazil)

January 15th to March 15th Jan Klein (Germany)

March 27th to April 27th Greg Quartarollo (Australia)

June 30th to July 26th Dale Horne (Australia)

October 7th to October 17th Matthew Rayner (Australia)

November 24th to December 19th Angus Harding (Australia)


January 12th to April 12th Valentin Eckart (Germany)

January 5th to January 30th Joe Pearce (England)

September 27th to October 9th - 23rd November 4th December Katherine Ingold (Australia)

December 7th to10th January Connor Wass (Australian)

December 14th to 13th January Emily Becker (Australian)


January 13th to 2nd March Emmy Pantel- Jouve (France)

May 9th to 24 June Theodore Pung  (Signapore)

September 5th to 7th October Jeremy Van Ginneken (The Netherlands)

October 10th to 20th January Martin Nash (Australia)

December 12th to 23rd Stacy Khaw and Jun Qiang Auyeong (Hong Kong)


January 25th to 25th February Peter Oberle (Germany)

February 6th to March 3rd Charlie Walker (England)

March 30th to July 10th AnnKathrin Gebhardt (Germany)

June 16th to 25th July Stuart Tolley (England)

October 1st to January 26th Jonas Fuchs (Netherlands)

November 1st to December 31st Donnie Sonier (Canada)


January 6th to 6th of February Marina Azevedo (Brazil)

March 25th to 31st May Remy Dardare (Australian)

June 24th to 24th August James Maguire (UK)

September 24th toDecember 14th Michael Gallagher (Scotland)

December 14th to January 14th  Akshay Jayavant(Australia)


February 28th to May  Kirby Chen (Singapore)

September 9th to October 4th James Maguire (UK)