Breeding Rainbows

In their natural habitat, most rainbows choose a spawning site that has protection for their eggs, such as weed beds or some sort of soft matted structure. At Ausyfish we use a number of culture methods for rainbow fish.

Sorting Wrights Creek rainbow

By far the most commonly used culture method for rainbows is "spawning mops". These mops are made of synthetic wool. A variety of colours have been used. No particular colour seems to be preferred but somehow we are more comfortable with natural colours. Green the colour we prefer.

Rainbows spawn every day while they are in condition and the temperature is within the preferred range of the variety. We have conducted research to see what changes there would be if the mop was removed for a period of time, one or two days. The results showed that there was no increase in the number of eggs that would be found on the mop once the mop was re-introduced. The fish spawned on bare glass when a mop was not present.

Rainbows show their best colours while in spawning condition. While actually involved in spawning activity their colours are absolutely stunning !

mops1  rainboweggs Bucket of baby rainbows