Oyster Creek rainbow

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This brilliantly coloured fish is probably the northern most duboulayi rainbow.

Duboulayi rainbows are found from New South Wales to Southern Queensland. It comes from a small creek system in Central Coastal Queensland. This creek is very short, and very close to the tidal reaches of the system. They will tolerate a wide temperature range from about 11c to over 40c. In the average home a heater may not be necessary in most winters. This fish copes well in a wide PH range. Salinity in its natural habitat varies greatly, so in the aquarium it can tolerate high levels of salt. They will breed readily in the home aquarium. This is a very peaceful fish, ideal for the home community aquarium. During breeding activity the male will display its best colours.

Its colour changes dramatically as it reflects light. One moment it is green, then blue then its most spectacular colour... bright yellow.