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Ausyfish   produces a wide range of native fish, both for the aquarium market and for stocking, and grow-out purposes. Some of these include Australian Rainbows, Grunters, Catfishes, Gudgeons, Blue Eyes, Hardyheads (also knows as Australian Pencilfish, and Australian glassfish).  

One of the most popular of Australia's native aquarium fish are the "rainbows."  Over the years techniques have been refined by  Ausyfish   that have made it possible to bulk spawn many of our native rainbows. This has resulted in the cheap production of these beautiful fishes. Growing these fish in earth ponds allows them to reach a larger size faster than would be possible in alternative containers. Australia, New Guinea, and a few nearby islands are the only places in the world where these rainbow fishes are found naturally. There are many colour varieties of these fishes. Almost every stream or lake has a different colour variation of the rainbow. This natural variety of colours has attracted the interest of fish collectors around the world. Genuine true colour forms are usually sold under the name of the creek or river system of origin. Eg. Coen River trifasciata. Ethical breeders will not cross breed colour forms. Ethical breeders will also know where their fish are from, which creek or river. The idea is not to breed unnatural colours, but only forms that occur in nature, in Australia and New Guinea. If you are interested in seeing and learning more about rainbow fishes, take advantage of the link to ANGFA on the introduction page of this site.

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"Freshwater Fishes of Australia Volume 2, Rainbowfishes - Blue-eyes- Hardyheads.

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Another of Australia's more unusual native fish is the Lung Fish   (Neoceratodus forsteri).  Ausyfish   is one of only three commercial aquaculture sites in Australia with a permit to attempt to commercially produce these fascinating creatures. These fish are a CITES protected animal. This means that we will be permitted to sell the first generation within Australia, but, will not be allowed to export the offspring until it can be established that we have successfully produced the second generation from the wild caught brood stock provided by the Queensland Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries).


Electrofishing Lungfish P9030011

Not many people can say they have cuddled a lungfish !

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The brood stock were provided under strictly controlled conditions to ensure that any offspring could be proven to be from the allocated brood stock, and not wild caught. Genetic material was taken as well as tagging the brood stock. An external spaghetti tag and an internal electronic chip was inserted. One of the conditions on the permit is that a small fin clip from each baby Lungfish be provided to the fisheries department before the animal can be offered for sale. Once this is done the baby fish can be offered for sale as the fin clip will allow the fisheries department to confirm that this baby was produced from the brood stock that was provided, and not illegally collected from the wild. So far no baby Lungfish have been offered for sale.


Australia has a number of perches and grunters which are suitable as aquarium fish. One of the most popular is the rare coal grunter. This is an extremely hardy fish. The young fish have a gold and black checkered pattern. As the fish mature the checkered pattern becomes less defined. Once the fish reach full maturity the colour is flecked gold and black as can be seen in the pictures below. The fish is able to change colour quite rapidly, changing from a bright gold dominate colour, to a very dark, almost block colour.

 Coal grunter breeders coal grunter video

Another popular native aquarium fish is the freshwater archer fish, sometimes called the "rifle fish" because of it's skill of shooting down insects with a jet of water from its mouth. In January 2007, Ausyfish successfully spawned the freshwater Australian archer fish. Click for more.

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