Red Wagtail Platy

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Platies are a peaceful, livebearing species that are an extremely popular community aquarium fish. There are two species of platy. Both are native to Mexico and Belize. Both species have been developed into many colour forms.

The Variatus Platy is native to Mexico.   The variatus platy can be kept in unheated aquaria in warmer regions of Australia. They comfortably tolerate temperatures around 14c, but prefer temperatures in the 20's. In our ponds they often tolerate temperatures below 14c. for several weeks. 11C is a common winter morning temperature in our ponds. (Summer water temperatures can be in the high thirties.)

Both Platy types grow to about 4.5-5cm.  They eat most commercial fish foods and are not particularly fussy about water conditions, however they do prefer neutral or alkaline water of moderate hardness.

Ausyfish produces a range of colours of platys. All platys are produced in earth ponds. They remain in the ponds for the full year. This exposes the fish to a full range of temperatures, and natural predators. The resulting stock offered for sale are tough disease resistant fish. Click on the links below to view pictures and video of our colour forms.

Links to other Platy colour varieties produced by Ausyfish: