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Exotic Aquarium Fish

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An ever expanding range of exotic aquarium fish is the corner stone of   Ausyfish. Around 20 colour forms of Swordtails and a similar number of Platies are now in production as well as a range of Mollies, Guppies, Gouramis and Danios. We also have one of the best colour forms of Rosey Barbs in Australia.

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The natural bush surroundings make it interesting for the workers as they harvest the days orders. You never know what just what might be caught in the net. In the picture right, one of the farms inhabitants is captured with a haul of golden swordtails. This fellow is a Keelback snake (Amphiesma mairii). They are totally harmless, not even having fangs. They are the only snake in Australia that is able to eat the introduced "Cane Toad". Other Australian snakes die after consuming the poisonous toads and this is despite the fact that Australia has the 10 deadliest snakes in the world. Some of the snakes that visit us can be quite large, especially the pythons. In the pictures below a large, completely harmless python is found in the engine of the old farm car.

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Naked Barb

A new fish to the Australian market.

Over three years, this fish has been developed at Ausyfish from local stock, no imported fish used.

Red Wagtail Platy

Ausyfish Pty Ltd ABN 69 010 810 670 Aquaculture approval number 2005BC0681   Terms and conditions.

Platies are a peaceful, livebearing species that are an extremely popular community aquarium fish. There are two species of platy. Both are native to Mexico and Belize. Both species have been developed into many colour forms.

The Variatus Platy is native to Mexico.   The variatus platy can be kept in unheated aquaria in warmer regions of Australia. They comfortably tolerate temperatures around 14c, but prefer temperatures in the 20's. In our ponds they often tolerate temperatures below 14c. for several weeks. 11C is a common winter morning temperature in our ponds. (Summer water temperatures can be in the high thirties.)

Both Platy types grow to about 4.5-5cm.  They eat most commercial fish foods and are not particularly fussy about water conditions, however they do prefer neutral or alkaline water of moderate hardness.

Ausyfish produces a range of colours of platys. All platys are produced in earth ponds. They remain in the ponds for the full year. This exposes the fish to a full range of temperatures, and natural predators. The resulting stock offered for sale are tough disease resistant fish. Click on the links below to view pictures and video of our colour forms.

Links to other Platy colour varieties produced by Ausyfish:


Ausyfish Pty Ltd ABN 69 010 810 670 Aquaculture approval number 2005BC0681   Terms and conditions.

Guppies are one of the most popular of all aquarium fish. They are extremely colourful, and highly active. Colour varieties of guppies seem endless. Beautiful guppies don't just happen. They are the result of years of careful breeding by dedicated, experienced breeders. Because of the high cost for labour in Australia, we are not able to competitively develop new colour morphs. We acquire quality breeders from reliable suppliers. After a lengthy quarantine period, we then introduce them into our earth ponds .

The colour for each strain will be maintained for a season or two. However, eventually the original colour gradually gives way to a delightful mix of spectacular colours.

At Ausyfish all of our guppies are produced in earth ponds.  The water is strictly fresh. No salt is added. Many of the guppies available to the aquarium trade are produced in highly salty environments. Sometimes this may result in difficulties in keeping them healthy. Most guppies will benefit from some salt, even if they are produced and grown in fresh water. Producing our guppies in fresh water may help avoid some of the difficulties experienced when keeping guppies.

Breeding and growing guppies in open ponds also produces a fish with natural "toughness." Weaker fish are taken by natural predators, such as water beetles.  They are exposed to all the elements. In summer surface temperatures can become extreme, reaching the high 30's, even, for short periods the low 40's. (Celsius)  In winter, early in the morning, ponds temperatures often drop as low as 11C. Normal daytime pond temperatures during winter are between 14-18C. Obviously guppies from this sort of environment are tough.


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Zebra Danio

Ausyfish Pty Ltd ABN 69 010 810 670 Aquaculture approval number 2005BC0681   Terms and conditions.

Our zebra danios are raised in out door earth ponds where they are held year round. Zebra danios are generally considered to be cold water fish. They are a peaceful school fish that can be kept in almost all parts of Australia in indoor tanks without a heater.

Pictured below, harvesting zebra danios.

Zebdan4 Zebdan1 Zebra danio2 Zebdan3