Terms and conditions

Ausyfish Pty Ltd ABN 69 010 810 670 Aquaculture approval number 2005BC0681   Terms and conditions.




Please note:  Trading terms and conditions apply.


Minimum quantities and minimum order values apply. 


All prices are at the farm.

Any and all additional costs such as, but not limited to, freight, agents fees, packing expenses, health inspection and certification fees etc., are in addition to the fingerling prices. International sales are GST free.

All international and interstate customers are responsible for their own permits and documentation. Ausyfish will provide any documents requested by the customer. If documents are required by the receiving country or state the customer must advise, in writing, to Ausyfish Pty Ltd a request for these documents at least two weeks prior to shipping. All documents, including import permits or import licences, provided to Ausyfish, must be in English. If the customer is required by their country to have an import permit or import licence, a copy must be provided to Ausyfish Pty Ltd before the order is confirmed. Where a translation is required, such translation must be provided to Ausyfish Pty Ltd in PDF format, and translated by an appropriate authority. An order will be considered, "confirmed" once Ausyfish has received any documents required by the receiving country or state, and a 10% deposit has been received. See below for deposit/payment conditions.


Prior to booking international freight for each shipment, full payment must be received by Ausyfish Pty Ltd.

Payment by direct deposit only. Funds must be cleared at least 10 business days before shipment.

 Ausyfish account details.

Bank name: ANZ

Account name: Ausyfish Pty Ltd.

Branch number: BSB 014 515

Account number: 3876 598 45

Swift code: ANZBAU3M


Ausyfish does not guarantee live arrival, unless we deliver ourselves, by bulk road tanker.

The owners and staff of Ausyfish are not liable for any financial losses, in any form, or any losses as a result of fish mortalities during transit, no matter what the cause. Insurance of fish in transit is the sole responsibility of the customer. 

  • Packing densities are designed to give you the best value for your freight dollar. This will often mean a build up of ammonia and especially CO2. CO2 is the biggest killer of fish during the unpacking process! If you are having trouble with losses when you unpack please contact us for advice. If a fish is alive, in the bag, when it arrives it should stay alive! 
  • The owners and staff of Ausyfish Pty Ltd will not be held responsible in any way whatsoever, should Ausyfish Pty Ltd fail to supply your order of fingerlings/fry, in part, or in total. All bulk orders are counted by weight. The quantity of fish packed in each bag is an average quantity based on the average weight of sample count done under the Queensland accepted industry standard at the time of shipment. (See Commercial Hatchery Code of Best Practice) No claim will be considered.


Bulk orders will be confirmed once a deposit has been received by Ausyfish Pty Ltd. 

This deposit is not refundable should the order be reduced in quantity, or canceled by the customer.

Should the customer be unable to take delivery of their order, in part or in full, any postponed portion of the order shall be subject to prices current for the season delivery is made. Any agreed price is forfeited.

In the event Ausyfish Pty Ltd is unable to supply the total number of fish during the current spawning season, any payments made by the customer will be carried over to the next spawning season when the balance of the order will be shipped. It is at the sole discretion of Ausyfish to hold the agreed price, or apply the new season price for fish delivered in the next season.

The deposit will be credited against the final shipment of the total order

Should the customer be unable to take delivery of any part of the order, this includes lack of correct documentation, the deposit is not refundable. 

The deposit will be held as a credit in the customers account for a maximum of two years. If the customer does not accept delivery of the order within two years, the deposit is forfeited.

All shipments must be paid in full at least two weeks before the anticipated shipping date. 

In the event the shipment is canceled by the customer, for any reason, any payments are not refundable. Any costs associated with the cancellation will be deducted from the payment and the balance will be held as a credit in the customers account. 

All transactions are in Australian dollars. No compensation is considered as a result of any changes in currency value, regardless of circumstances. 

The consignment of the goods to the customer constitutes acceptance by Ausyfish Pty Ltd, of the customers offer to purchase from Ausyfish Pty. Ltd., and the customers agreement to these terms and conditions. This acceptance constitutes a contract with Ausyfish Pty. Ltd. All such contracts are formed in Childers Queensland Australia. The offerer waives his/her/its rights to be notified of acceptance of the contract.


Trading conditions.

By placing an order you agree to accept these conditions.

Below is the content of the Commercial Hatchery Code of Best Practice regarding the counting of bulk fish.

ITEM 7. Outcome: Reliable and Field Proven Method for Counting Larvae and Fingerlings. Suggestions for Achieving this Outcome –

  • Acceptable stress reduction counting methods
  • Bulk orders volumetrically / weight counts
  • Electronic scales preferred.
  • Count individual fish
  • At least 3 random sample counts for bulk estimates
  • One count at hatchery is preferred option